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Family Dentistry at Prestige Dental Sarasota

A family dentist in Sarasota FL is considered to be your family’s first step toward preventative care and defense against dental problems. The American Dental Association recommends that you visit a family dentist at the minimum of twice a year for a cleaning and checkup and the earlier their age when children begin getting regular dental checkups, the healthier their teeth and gums will be throughout their lives.

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When Should Children Begin Going to a Dentist?

Your child’s first dental visit should happen before their first birthday. Generally, it is recommended that they should visit a dentist in Sarasota FL within about 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth; however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t begin their oral health care earlier than this. Even infants should have their gums cleaned at least twice a day to prevent the risk of potential dental problems when their teeth begin to erupt. To clean your baby’s gums, simply use a wet, soft cloth to gently wipe away any formula or breast milk residue from the top and sides of their gums.

Why is Important to Schedule Dental Appointments For Children at Such a Young Age?

In many situations, a child’s first dental appointment is merely an introductory icebreaker to allow your child to get familiar with going to the dentist. The earlier your child begins dental visits, the better it will be for their oral health in the future and early visits help kids get used to visiting Prestige Dental Sarasota, so they will have less fear about going to the dentist as they get older. If your child seems to be at risk for cavities and/or other problems the dentist may begin applying a topical fluoride treatment even before their entire set of teeth break through. Fluoride helps to harden the tooth enamel, which helps to ward off cavities. During your child’s first dental visit, also known as a baby well visit, your dentist will also teach you how to care for your child’s teeth and gums to help them remain cavity free. Some of the things your dentist will talk to you about may include:

  • Why you should avoid letting your child fall asleep with a bottle of juice or milk
  • The importance of encouraging children to drink from a sippy cup as they approach their first birthday
  • How to brush your toddler’s teeth
  • How to teach children to brush their teeth and floss

Why Should You Choose a Family Dentist?

A family dentist in Sarasota FL is similar to a general dentist in that each provides services that are related to the general health and maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth/gum health. However, there is a slight difference between the two-some general dentists restrict their practice to specific age groups, generally it is patients who have reached adulthood. A family dentist, however, will generally care for your entire family’s oral health-from infants to seniors. Visiting a family dentist means your dentist will be familiar with you and your children’s teeth and overall oral health, which allows the dentist to monitor the condition of their teeth and gums throughout their lives. Visiting a family dentist also ensures a long-lasting relationship between your children and their dentist, which can significantly lessen the fear of visiting a new dentist at different various ages throughout life.

What to Expect During Your First Visit For Routine Dental Care

When you and your child begin visits to Prestige Dental Sarasota for routine dental care, your dental examinations will typically include:

  • Your dentist will check all of you and your child’s teeth for decay
  • Check for any potential problems with the teeth, gums, and jaw and oral tissues
  • Either the dentist or a hygienist will clean your teeth and assess the need for fluoride on children’s teeth
  • If the dentist identifies a potential problem, x-rays of your mouth will be done either that day or scheduled for a future appointment
  • Your dentist will also educate you about oral health care basics for you and your children, including good oral hygiene practices, oral habits (thumb sucking and etc), developmental milestones and proper nutrition for healthy teeth and gums.  

Proper oral hygiene is essential from a young age, but it can sometimes be easier said than done to get your child (sometimes even adults) to visit their dentist without being scared and nervous. There are a number of things you can do to make you and your child’s first dental exam go as smoothly as possible, such read books on dentistry to help get a better understanding of what to expect and the importance of dental care, have your dentist do your exam first to ease children’s fear (seeing you calm will help calm them) and the most important thing you can do to make everyone in your family’s exam go smoothly is to practice good oral hygiene. Brushing twice each day and flossing once a day, as well as routine dental appointments, which will lessen the risk of oral health problems.

Stay On The Path Toward Healthy Teeth

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