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Sarasota Teeth Whitening: Whiter, Brighter Smiles for a Great First Impression

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. Are you making a great impression? Or is a dull, discolored or stained smile hurting your self-esteem and negatively impacting your personal and professional life? Professional teeth whitening from our dentist in Sarasota is a smart investment in your smile. Not only is professional teeth whitening safer than at-home bleaching kits, but professional whitening is also the only effective way to remove tough stains caused by wine, tobacco and coffee.

Professional Teeth Whitening: Safe and Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Option

Our dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Peter Rubenstein, provides professional teeth whitening as part of our family dental practice’s cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Rubenstein has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, to quickly and efficiently remove tough stains with professional strength hydrogen peroxide gel. This powerful gel is safe for your teeth and gums and the best way to remove tough stains caused by tobacco products, red wine and coffee. Additionally, the gel protects the tooth enamel from damage during the whitening process, so the teeth are effectively whitened without irritating the gums or causing other oral health problems.

As we age, our teeth naturally can become stained and discolored. In addition to coffee, tea and smoking, genetic, certain foods high in tannins and even some antibiotics can lead to discoloration. Our dentist in Sarasota knows that even gradual discoloration or yellowing can affect your smile’s appearance and hurt your self-confidence. Unfortunately, over-the-counter whitening kits can take weeks to deliver even minor results. If you need a brighter, whiter smile for an upcoming event like a wedding or graduation, professional whitening is the best way to quickly achieve the results you want.

While over-the-counter bleaching kits may initially seem like an affordable solution for teeth whitening, these kits lack the professional bleaching power necessary to remove tough stains. Many of these kits also rely on bleaching strips to whiten teeth. Since these strips are “one-size-fits-all”, the strips frequently overlap and irritate gums. This uneven whitening can lead to a spotty smile. Worse, bleaching strip overlap with the gums can cause serious irritation, redness and increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Professional whitening is the best way to prevent irritation and remove tough stains for all-over bleaching.

A yellowed, stained or discolored smile can hurt your confidence and negatively impact your personal and professional life. Cosmetic dental procedures like professional teeth whitening are the best way to bring back your smile’s natural brightness and whiteness. With professional whitening, people will focus on what you say, rather than how your teeth look.

Are you ready for a big self-confidence boost? Teeth whitening is an easy, effective way to improve your smile. Don’t let a stained or yellowed smile hold you back from personal and professional success. To learn more about the benefits of professional teeth whitening, contact our dentist in Sarasota today!

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