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Dental Hygiene is the Key to Healthy Smile


Smile with confidence thanks to dental hygiene from our Sarasota dentist Dr. Peter Rubenstein. Whether you need bridges, crowns, root canals, dentures or simply a thorough dental cleaning, Dr. Rubenstein and our dental care team is here to help. Our proactive approach to dental care will protect your smile, teeth and gums for years to come.

Bridges, Crowns and Dental Hygiene at Our Sarasota Dentist

At Prestige Dental, we know that the first line of defense against plaque and tartar build up is with at-home care. Plaque is a sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria and food particles that accumulates on the teeth and along the gum line. Depending on your eating and drinking habits, plaque can start forming 4 to 12 hours after the last time that you brushed. If you frequently drink sugary beverages or sodas, for example, the plaque can start forming even faster, damaging your teeth. We know that no one like the idea of getting root canals. This is why twice-daily brushing and attention to dental hygiene is so important.

Dental care is not just for teeth – it’s for the entire mouth. Brushing your teeth twice a day is an important start. However, to keep your teeth and gums healthy it’s important to care for your entire mouth. We recommend daily flossing to reduce plaque buildup. Flossing helps remove food particles and bacteria that become trapped between the teeth and the gum line. Daily flossing keeps the gum line clean and reduces the risk for plaque buildup. Certain toothpastes that contain pyrophosphate can also help. Pyrophosphate adheres to the tooth’s surface and inhibits the formation of plaque.

Removing plaque stops the formation of tartar, a hard deposit of solidified plaque that causes tooth discoloration and gum disease. Once tartar hardens onto the teeth, it can only be removed by professional dental care. This is why a twice-a-year dental appointment is so important. While at-home care can help reduce your risk for plaque and tartar, it is inevitable that some tartar will form over time. A professional dental cleaning will scrape away tartar and polish the teeth to prevent future accumulation.

During your dental appointment, our dentist may also recommend x-rays to check for small cavities. Identifying cavities earlier makes treating them easier, and prevents teeth from suffering serious damage. Crowns can cover up tooth damage and also seal teeth from future problems. Depending on your oral health needs, root canals may be necessary to remove damage down to the teeth’s root. If you are missing a tooth, dental bridges will “bridge” the gap in your teeth and create a seamless smile. We also offer dentures for a complete smile makeover.

We know that you have a choice of oral health providers, and we are honored to be your Sarasota dentist. Together, we will work hard to protect and enhance your smile through our dental hygiene services.

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Always an amazing experience from start to finish. Everyone in the office is exceedingly kind, caring, and personable. A true Sarasota treasure!

Robert P.
Sarasota, FL

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